Our Policies


Payment by check or cash is requested at the time of service. Most clients leave the payment on the kitchen table or countertop where our staff can easily find it.

Lock outs

We will always call our clients several days before their scheduled cleaning to remind them of the arranged date and approximate time. If, upon our arrival, your door is locked and we have not been left a key and therefore are unable to gain access to the house, half of the cleaning fee will be charged. This fee covers the cost of the disruption in our schedule and the inconvenience caused to other clients.


Most of our clients entrust us with a key or entry code to their home. All keys are coded and kept in a locked safe box. For your peace of mind, we are fully insured for key loss and in the unlikely event that a loss should occur, we will have your door re-locked.


Of course, we understand that on occasion you may need to cancel our visit. However, except for emergencies or illness, we require at least 48 hours notice in advance in order to rework the schedule and cause the least amount of disruption to our other clients. Half of the original fee will be charged for last minute cancellations.

Seasonal Considerations

In summer, if the weather becomes very hot, please consider leaving fans or air conditioning running in order to help our staff work at their best. In the winter, please make sure access to your door has been cleared of snow and that the walkways are not dangerously icy. If, due to a snowstorm your home becomes inaccessible, reasonable notice will be required to cancel our visit. If our staff arrive and are unable to access your house, half of the cleaning fee will apply.

Cleaning Times

We will call several days in advance to remind our clients of the day and time of service, and we do our very best to arrive at your home at the time of your appointment. However, please allow 30 minutes either way for any unforeseen circumstances.

Service Cancellations

We very rarely have to cancel our client’s regular cleaning appointment. The exceptions, of course, are public holidays and major snowstorms. In such situations, we will call to reschedule.